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At Relu AI Systems, we believe in the power of data to drive marketing strategies that deliver results. Our suite of services leverages location intelligence, OOH media, audience measurement, media planning, campaign reporting, media clustering, scientific media selection, and relevance of points of interest to help our clients make informed decisions and target their audience with precision.


RoadStar is the IOAA (Indian Outdoor Advertising Association) approved Audience Measurement platform for OOH Media in India.

Consumer Panel for OOH Media

For the first time in India, an audience measurement platform is built on a robust base of 35 Million respondents providing consistent data.

Comparable Metrics

RoadStar is built ground up – with metrics that are comparable with other media platforms including reach, frequency, impressions and OTS.

Impact on ROI

By using GPS and other location-based technologies, advertisers can track the movement patterns of consumers who have been exposed to their ads and measure the impact on foot traffic and sales.

By analysing foot traffic data and other metrics in RoadStar, advertisers can determine which locations and formats are driving the most engagement and adjust their campaigns accordingly for higher impact and ROI.

OOH Media

RoadStar provides a repository of around 32,000 media sites across 450+ markets.  It supports measuring various media types including billboards, gantries, bus shelters, LED panels, ambient media and other OOH formats.

Audience Measurement

The core of RoadStar, provides all required metrics for an advertiser and a planner to take strategic and tactical decisions leading to a high impact OOH campaign.  RoadStar provides hourly, daily, weekly and  monthly reporting of audience data.

RoadStar has robust media planning tools that are of global standards – allowing a planner to choose high impact sites or locations by defining target group based on out of home behavior captured through consumer interaction on 4.7 lakh poi points.

Campaign Reporting

RoadStar provides all the bells and whistles to report detailed metrics for any campaign including reach, impressions, frequency and OTS.  The metrics are reported at the site level, market level and campaign level.

Media Clustering

Among various algorithms that drives RoadStar, the auto clustering of media sites allows advertisers and media planners to select sites in the same vicinity within 100M radius,  250M radius and 1KM linear stretch, allowing more site options to choose from.

Scientific Media Selection

RoadStar has in-built ML methods to recommend relevant media sites or most prominent locations where the target audience normally aggregate.   

Relevance of Points of Interest

RoadStar is built on 4,70,000 POI points in top 200 markets.  This allows precise mapping of consumer behavior out of home which becomes a base to build the Target Audience.  For the media owners, this means an insights on the profile of the consumers exposed to their sites.

RoadStar Tool

RoadStar media planning and reporting tool is built keeping the media planners, media owners and advertisers in mind.  RoadStar has tools relevant to all three of them to plan and measure OOH media and its audience.

RoadStar – Measure, Optimize and Succeed

Using advanced technology, RoadStar measures the impact of OOH media campaigns. This tool is created with a strong market research approach on par with audience measurement for other media such as TV, making it a valuable addition to any marketing campaign.

By using RoadStar in conjunction with our other services, we can provide a comprehensive view of your marketing efforts and help you make informed decisions about your strategy. With RoadStar, you can measure the effectiveness of your OOH media campaigns and adjust your tactics to maximize your ROI.


At Relu AI Systems, we believe that data-driven marketing is the key to success in today’s competitive landscape. By leveraging location intelligence, OOH media, audience measurement, media planning, campaign reporting, media clustering, scientific media selection, and relevance of points of interest, we help our clients make informed decisions and deliver targeted campaigns that reach the right people at the right time. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your marketing goals.