Using mobility data, RoadStar provides the footfall count for any location – 24×7 365 in India.  This information is valuable for advertisers, media owners and media agencies to buy, sell or plan for out of home media assets.

RoadStar brings in a major shift for all stakeholders in Out of Home media space.  Media owners, instead of selling inventory based on proxy metrics, they can now deploy advance analytics and tracking technology that allows them to sell clear and quantifiable results to their clients.  In the last few years, we have seen shifts in digital advertising transforming from a media platform delivering personalised communication to a performance-based marketing platform.  There is a clear change in the narrative here.

Currently, most media owners are focused on ‘selling value’ – by explaining the features of their product, relevance, and benefits.  However, advertisers have reshaped their thought process to include ‘buying outcomes’.  Such trends benefit advertisers of all sizes and shapes as the sales conversation now focuses on measuring actual outcomes and less of metrics with certain impact.

In a data parched land of out of home media, the media owners must ask themselves a few questions:

  1. What incremental value do I bring to my advertiser beyond the stand-alone value of pricing and location relevance?
  2. How quickly does the marginal value that I bring in, can wear off?
  3. What value does advertiser put in OOH media while choosing among media alternatives?
  4. How fast does the relevance of my media can be replaced?

Even mundane consumers products have become smart and connected now – for instance –  new kind of clothing can now react to weather conditions.

Using RoadStar media owners and agencies – for the first time in India – can plan OOH media selection through robust audience definition and predict for advertisers the ROI they can expect from an incremental investment in one or more channels (including their competition) and how it translates into actual revenue for their advertisers.

Today, advertisers have moved on.  They not only want to know how their investments are paying off but what precise actions they can take to optimise and improve those results.  In the years ahead, improving offerings with data will be a pre-requisite to stay in the game and it will give an edge to the existing players over new entrants.

RoadStar is an IOAA (Indian Outdoor Advertising Association) approved platform providing audience metrics for OOH media in India.  For more information, please visit :



Published On: October 28th, 2022 / Categories: Audience Measurement, IOAA, OOH Planning /
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