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All About Telescope

Build your projects in three simple steps!


Bring in all locations you want to do the audit – malls, supermarkets, departmental stores, kirana, ware houses, outdoor media, rural locations or any other location of your choice.


Assign audit locations to individuals – your internal sales team, distributors sales team, BTL agencies, 3rd party survey agencies and data collectors.


Define what you want to capture – Retail Shelfs, Counter Tops, Promotion Materials, Brands and SKU’s ,Standee’s, Posters and banners, distribution and sales vans – there is no limit.



Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love Telescope

Telescope makes it super easy to create, collect, collate and retrieve all your audit related information and view it from a single dashboard.

No Whatsapp / Emails

Stop sharing your audit pictures and videos through 1000’s of  whatsapp images / emails.  Have them all organised, curated and easily share them with teams and other.

Audit requirements changes with every project that you do. With telescope, you have the freedom to capture information as images or videos.

Multiple Resolution images

Choose from 4 image resolution sizes that suits you.  Telescope supports – 640 x 480, 720 x 576, 1024 x 768 or max camera resolution.  For Brand audit you may choose high resolution vs for rural audit may choose low res for quicker uploads.
Add mission critical questions through Google Forms. Embed Google Forms links directly into the app. Directly receive the data from google forms.

Modify questions on the fly.

Google forms provide you with absolute control of questions you want to ask and responses that you want to record.  Create different versions of questionnaire for each location – if required.

Integrate Visual Ai for automatic and real time inference of various entities from images and videos. With Visual AI, there is no delay in receiving your insights.

Custom AI Models

We custom build AI models for every use case. This not only  provides higher quality of object detection but also greater accuracy of inference. Our backend team rapidly build, train and deploy AI models exclusive for your project requirements.  Talk to us.

Receive realtime alerts for any deviation on parameters of compliance that you have set. Share compliance information with multiple teams on and off the field.

100% Quality checked Data

All the compliance alerts goes through our highly trained QC team before an alert is triggered.  Add and delete individuals who have to receive alerts on compliance – on the fly.
Telescope is economical to use. There is no budget barrier. Start using it for free. Upgrade your subscription when you are ready.

Zero entry barrier

Try for free.  Upgrade anytime.


A plethora of features that makes it extremely easy to use and at the same time highly secured.

Latitude and Longitude

Every image and video taken with telescope app is embedded with the latitude and longitude of the location from where the picture is taken.

This helps in validating the actual location of the audit.

Telescope app allows the user to take a picture / video only with the GPS on – not otherwise.

App exclusive gallery

The pictures and videos are stored in a gallery exclusive for the app and not visible to the auditor in his mobile gallery.

The auditor cannot push the images from his mobile gallery into the app gallery.


App sync & sealed

The app sync’s only with our cloud infrastructure.

The auditor cannot send the collected data, images and videos to anyone else other than you.

Selective visibility of audit locations

The audit location is removed from auditor visibility immediately after completion of the audit.

Absolute project control

Choose your auditors even midstream, selectively edit or delete information about your locations, end project when you have achieved your audit quota, choose resolution of images to be captured, and many more.

Live Stats Anywhere

In-House Sales Training
Sales Chart

Get all the information about your audit / research in a user friendly dashboard. Download all the charts and tables anytime you wish. All the data that you have captured is available to you perpetually. Share access to dashboard with multiple teams within your organization.