Telescope - one mobile app for BTL, Outdoor and retail audit .

Telescope provides facilities to evaulate brand counts, share of shelf, stock hygiene and retailers compliance to marketing measures.


Mobile app for retail and ware house audit

Telescope – The Mobile App

Telescope -is designed to audit  the complete value chain of trade marketing activities.  The app has clearly defined tools and techniques to boost the brands bottomline through continuous audit assessments and data backed reviews with retailers.


Retail audit

Be it modern retail or kirana store – the count of brand facings compared to competition directly impact the bottom line. Derive the Share of Shelf against your competition.

Outdoor Audit

Track your campaigns on billboards and hoardings seamlessly. 

BTL Activations

Track all your BTL activations –   urban or rural – and understand all 5Ws – when, where, who, what and how  – of your activations.

Compliance Audits

Identify and segregate retailers who always – sometimes – never comply to your marketing campaigns.

Mobile app for retail and ware house audit

Retail Audit

Validate the presence / absence of right VM material on the retail floor.

Go beyond validating the existence and identify the correctness of VM, order of placement, stock count, etc

Share of shelf

Get a count of brand facings of your brand and competition.

Aggregate at store, locality, city, brand or any other custom levels to draw instant insights.

Mobile app for retail and ware house audit
Mobile app for retail and ware house audit

Outdoor Audit

Take pictures of your site to for your own validation as well as your client.

Segregate and access data by individual campaigns, store data perennially, download the images as ppt for quicker buildup and dispatch.

BTL activation & Planograms

Auditing BTL activations is limited to taking a few pictures of the acvitity.

Do more with the images – check if the communication props are present, sequence of their arrangement, exact location and time of execution, etc.

Mobile app for retail and ware house audit
Mobile app for retail and ware house audit

Warehouse audit

Identify stock availability by their SKU’s such as cartons, blister packs, pallets, etc

Do more with images

Telescope provides with an alternative method of data collection.

Its fast, accurate, realtime and passive. Make your images provide you more data.

Mobile app for retail and ware house audit

Economical & easy to use

Audits are always expensive and time consuming.

Telescope not only makes it realtime, but allows anyone within your team / distributors / agency – to do the audit.

Get up and running literally in minutes.

Bias free

Telescope has in-built checks and balances that keeps the data completely unbiased.

Every image is geo-tagged, insights inferred by AI – making it impartial and reports – as the data is generated.

Mobile app for retail and ware house audit
Mobile app for retail and ware house audit

Competitive pricing

You can start using Telescope for free.

You can also use telescope with as little as INR 499 or USD 7 per month.

Real time results

Irrespective of your project size or type, volume of data collected, be it images or videos

Always get instantaneous results.

Mobile app for retail and ware house audit

Super flexible

Telescope is engineered keeping the business uncertainities in mind.  

Onboard your entire sales team – define reporting layers – add retailer locations  and audit parameters – all with a simple excel upload.

Completely modular

Telescope is modular at various levels.

You can assign and re-assign locations to different team members, choose between picture and video feeds, enable and disable compliance – have complete control on your projects, all from a single interface.

Mobile app for retail and ware house audit

Building & Integrating AI Models

Highly-skilled support team.


Our team of engineers help create artificial intelligence models using computer vision and neural networks custom built for your use case.


Our dedicated operations team sieve through images to add more data to the AI model. They manually validate every alert sent out for action before triggering them.


The custom built AI model is a constantly evolving one there by ensuring you get highly accurate  and updated inference for the data that you capture.


Unparalleled Pace

Right from ingestion of project details to delivery of results, our primary focus was to cut down on time and provide results near real time.  Telescope help you achieve it.


Lower cost options – Use our API

Take advantage of the latest in technology – pay less for more without compromising on quality.  Add image recognition features to your existing pipeline of products.