Enterprise grade AI powers up multiple applications

Our USP we are proud of

Custom build AI

Our AI models are custom built for you allowing you complete flexibility to add, delete or merge your own layers of information.  For example: a product could be identified by its name, logo, packaging, volume information, variants,etc.

Your own layers of identifiers enables to directly infuse data with your own sales and marketing data.

Consistent & Accurate

Our AI models deliver 95%+ accuracy consistently.


Proven to deliver dependable and trustworthy data.

Faster Results

Get instant information that impacts your business.

Custom Built

Add your own layers / information differentiators.


Detect any number of brands on any volume of data.

Advantage – ReLU AI.

Our approach towards providing solutions
adds value to you at various levels.

  • Completely automated.

  • Realtime instantaneous results.
  • Complete flexibility – add, delete, merge brands on the go.
  • Add layers of information to brand – SKU information, packaging etc.
  • Fully integrated with our mobile app.

  • Realtime alerts and notifications on compliance audits.

Other service providers

  • Completely automated.

  • Varies – from hourly to EOD
  • Works with preset list of brands. Customisation takes time.
  • Identifies only a preset list of brands.

  • Not Available
  • Not available